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Business Recovery

Is your Company experiencing cash flow problems preventing it from moving forward?
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The procedure provides for the reorganisation of an insolvent company by affording protection against creditors. The company is allowed to trade on while MPH Recovery together with the directors of the company to formulate a strategy for the survival of the company or its business, possibly by entering into a Company Voluntary Arrangement.

Administration can used effectively as a restructuring mechanism, if the company is viable, by providing a breathing space in order that proposals can be put to creditors. The process can be achieved quickly and efficiently.

The company can subsequently exit from Administration and revert to the control of its directors.

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Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)

A Company Voluntary Arrangement is a legally binding agreement between the company and its creditors detailing how the company will settle, or compromise its debts, which enables trading to continue and a scheme of repayment to be agreed with creditors. This allows an eventual greater financial return to creditors, albeit often over time, than they could expect if the company went into liquidation.
The arrangement aims to allow survival as a going concern or the enhancement of asset realisations.

A CVA is often appropriate when there are temporary cash flow difficulties, for example, as a result of a large bad debt. A CVA can provide a large degree of flexibility with a minimum level of disruption to the company, allowing the directors to retain control throughout.

The directors prepare a proposal, with the assistance of MPH Recovery and a meeting of creditors is convened, whereat, the proposal is put before creditors who have the option to accept, modify or reject it.

If creditors accept the CVA, an Insolvency Practitioner from MPH Recovery will be appointed to supervise it.

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Turnarounds and Informal Arrangements

Turnaround procedures are more widespread as financiers seek to assist companies in financial difficulties as opposed to entering into a formal insolvency procedure. It usually involves individual agreements being reached with specific creditors whilst the business continues and deals with other creditors/suppliers in the normal way.

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